i'm so proud of you

note to self: when you are sad remember when you were drifting with the golf cart down the hill in the field and almost flippedĀ and how everyone was laughing and having fun and you were at peace even though we probably could have gotten hurt and the softballs were flying everywhere and the brake wasn’t working. remember how we were running out of gas but still went up hills so we could go faster than 1mph when we went down them, and how all our hair was blowing in the wind and we acted like supermodels. remember the man watering his plants who thought we were psycho, and remember how “you could roll faster than this!” and when we ate “potatoes in a cup!” and think about how you felt when you thought about last year. remember? last year? how you were with him, and you still felt depressed? but this year when you didn’t have him you felt okay? remember that. one person can’t be the source of your happiness. now, think back more. those conversations with him made you more depressed and caused more problems for you. you don’t want that.

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